We have combined our complete forex masterclass, premium trading videos, advanced price action techniques, swing trading & intraday trading strategies, all into one package so that you have every tool you need to effectively tackle the currency / forex markets.


  • 96 Trading Lessons (& Growing):

    A complete step-by-step guide designed to create literacy in the currency & financial markets. All information & content provided are concepts that are applicable to the real markets and not solely theory based.

  • 36 In-Depth Premium Trading Videos (& Growing):

    Access to our complete catalogue of in-depth trading videos & content that provides you with everything you need. All content is designed to foster an optimum level of comprehension.

  • Advanced Price Action Techniques

    A refined approach to technical analysis & price action through understanding true market dynamics. True price action interprets the market for what it is actually telling you, without the reliance on indicators. We provide you with advanced techniques you won't find anywhere else online.:

  • Key Swing Trading Strategies:

    Access to our key swing trading strategies and techniques that are designed through the concept of price action reaction meaning it is a wait and see approach and always waiting for the market to show confirmation before an entry.

  • Key Intraday Trading Strategies:

    These are our advanced intraday trading strategies that focus on the fast moves that materialize through the intraday time frames. These strategies are for traders who desire a more active approach to trading.


“The best part about this program is how it cuts to the chase and gives you exactly what you need to know. I have spent money on many other courses that give tons of ideas and are long reads but aren’t helpful towards being a good trader. I also want to say that the video quality is amazing and fun to watch.”

Milos VidakovicMilos Vidakovic

“The strategies section aka 14 & 15 is mind blowing. You will understand once you get there ”

Petar PetrovPetar Petrov

“This is more than a course, it is an eye opening experience into how trading should actually be done. Wysetrade is the real deal! Loved the content and the support team is great!”

Adrian GrechinAdrian Grechin

“Discovered this program through a friend. The small fee for the program is nothing compared to the amount of value and education that is provided for the cost. Great content, great support team, great experience”

 Valmir Mehmeti Valmir Mehmeti

“To be honest I wish I came across this program years ago. Thank you for all the help and support.”

Ayan Arafat Ayan Arafat

“I was registered for the pre-launch of this course and I’m still making my way through the videos but after reading babypips with no success, this is a game changer!”

Erica Brooks Erica Brooks

“Great program and it helped a lot with developing my own trading style”

Gavin OrtizGavin Ortiz

“I discovered Wyse Trade on YT by accident. Only analysis on CHARTS, no useless texts and theories. EXCELLENT QUALITY by the way. I am glad that i bought the Forex Masterclass Lessons and have absolutely no regret. I watch the lessons over and over again, and I still learn new things.”

Yusuph SlmvYusuph Slmv

“If you like straight forward and step by step learning, this is a class for you. Our two young son's 12 and 17 also caught on rather quickly. Break the mold and learn a skill that can set you free.”

Eric WeidaEric Weida

“Hi, honestly guys I have no words to express your training if you know how happy I was to fall on you on youtube wowww after viewing one of your videos I was convinced I took a month of subscription the History of getting acquainted with your class and sincerely I couldn't be happier.”

Djidler ManuDjidler Manu

“excellent simplicity. been and done a lot of course but nothing like this one.”

Shakul AliShakul Ali

“This price action program worked well with my current strategy”

Jeffrey CabierteJeffrey Cabierte

“If considering an education course, these guys are the real deal! Straightforward, simple and strips out all the junk that gets in the way of early traders and confuses. Everything you need to know in an easy to understand format, that can be watched over and over, if needed. Customer service is fantastic, too. Highly recommended! Trading improved instantly.”

Ty ClarkTy Clark