Using Support & Resistance As Exits

Support and resistance not only acts as levels for possible entries but also levels for possible exits. As you can see price has reached a very key monthly level that has acted as both support and resistance and many traders could have gone long here if it suits the entry criteria. We do not use the monthly for an entry but we use it to identify where the key dynamic levels are as guidance for our overall analysis. We then go to the weekly for further insight. Continue reading →

What you must do at the end of every month...

Checking how the monthly candle closes on all pairs is a good habit to develop as it can help you shape your bias going into the following month. The example above is of the EURUSD monthly time frame and if the monthly candle closes as a very long wick candle, we would have a bullish bias "only" if the lower time frames confirm this candle. Continue reading →

Bitcoin & Price Action Relevancy

We posted this chart in our members section recently to show how price action is used to understand what an asset is doing. You can clearly see when price was in an uptrend and when it changed to a downtrend. Continue reading →

S&P 500 Is At A Very Key Turning Point

The S&P 500 has been in a very strong uptrend for many years showing no signs of slowing down. Right now the S&P 500 is at a very key turning point as for the first time in over 2 years, we are in a very clear short term downtrend. Price is making lower highs and the swings are also very wide and distinct, and if you have gone through our program you will understand what this means and also what occurs once price breaks out. Continue reading →

Using technical analysis to easily trade Shake Shack (NYSE: SHAK)

Technical analysis always reveals the markets true intentions. The charts always tell you what you need to know as price movement is a reflection of what buyers and sellers are doing and where the larger trend is headed. Shake Shack has been in a long term downtrend and price has been making lower highs and lower lows ever since its IPO. The best time to enter a trade is during a fresh trend change and the first signal of a trend change occurred through the trend line break. Continue reading →

How we predicted the direction of bitcoin

This is the strategy and method we used to predict the direction of bitcoin and entered a high quality trade short. Starting on the weekly time frame, price made a lower high which signalled that the uptrend was over. Knowing that we are now in a downtrend, we want to trade with the trend as this makes any trade you want to enter a lot more effective because we naren’t trading against the flow of the dominant direction. Continue reading →

Why you should NOT demo trade for too long

Emotions is one of the biggest factors that stands in the way between a profitable trader and one that isn’t. There are a multitude of strategies that work, but often the biggest killers of success is the emotions of the individual executing the strategy and their ability to function like a machine, emotion free, and to follow the rules to a tee. Continue reading →